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    Mickey Hovelle

    Mickey Hovelle is a founder and partner of the Firm.
    Mr. Hovelle is expert in Civil Law, especially in Administrative Law. He knows from his own experience the internal features of government structures, as well as the subtleties of commercial activity.

    • Israel:      +972-72-233-3058
      Ukraine:  +380 914-819-131
      Moscow: +749-5128-4504
    • Moshe Aviv Tower, 52nd floor, 7 Jabotinsky st.,
      Ramat Gan 5252007, Israel


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    Netanya Academic College
    Netanya Academic College LLB (2005-2009)

    Areas of practice

    Civil Law

    Especially in Administrative Law

    What is important

    Our extensive knowledge of the law is backed up by practical skills and many years of experience.

    By applying for legal assistance from lawyers Hovelle, Tsaitel & Co. , You can be sure of a successful resolution of a legal dispute, including in the field of civil and economic relations.

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